Last Minute BreyerFest

BreyerFest was this past weekend.

I had been flip-flopping back and forth on attending. This has been a busy year for me and life has been full of big changes. (and expenses 😢) Before I knew it BreyerFest was here, and I ended up buying a last minute ticket Saturday morning. I had this realization that if I didn’t, I would spend the entire weekend moping about it anyway. πŸ™„

Honestly, I’m happy I did. While I didn’t have the same experience as last year, I still enjoyed a nice weekend full of horses. I think Breyer did a fantastic job again.

The whole store/shopping situation was so much better. I figured everything would be sold out by the time I got on but was surprised to see everything still in stock, minus some swag pieces and the grab bags. In fact, it remained that way all weekend. The numbers for each release were much higher this year, so I’m sure that helped. I hope everyone got what they were looking for!

My big purchases were the plush…

…and the pin and stickers. 😁 Aside from the deco SM that came with my ticket, I didn’t buy a single model this year. How does that even happen. πŸ˜…

My favorite part was the live stream! I enjoyed having this play all day long, and it was fun to see hobbyists included as well. I also really liked the segments in the archive room, where we got to see an assortment of rare and unusual models.

I was also very excited to see the holiday horse, both here and later on during the live stream.

The demos from the Kentucky Horse Park were streamed live on Friday, but were available for viewing all weekend too.

The Celebration of Horses show was beautiful.

And even though was no Auction John this year and I wasn’t crying laughing, I loved being able to watch the auction live. It was entertaining and exciting! How high will they go?? What is happening?!

Sold! For $18,000

The theme for 2022 was also announced, which is Prost! A German themed BreyerFest. I’m already excited about this theme and all they can do with it.
Hopefully the event will be held in Kentucky next year. Even though going in person is usually out of the question for me, there’s still this sadness I feel for everyone who wants to go back and see their friends again.
But I’m very grateful to hear that they will be continuing with a virtual component to BreyerFest. That makes it so much more accessible to collectors around the world who can’t go for whatever reason.

Overall I enjoyed the weekend and what BreyerFest had to offer. Again, there’s so much content on the site that it was impossible to go through it all, so thankfully, Breyer has left it up for the remainder of July.

Thanks again, Breyer! Hopefully next year I won’t be so wishy-washy and not join at the last second…! (“Don’t hesitate, participate!”)

4 thoughts on “Last Minute BreyerFest

  1. So glad that you came to “visit” after all! I don’t know how you managed to not buy at least ONE model! LOL! I bought waay too many! I loved all the content and am still watching it here and there. Watched the first of the equus films last night.

  2. I bought way to many models πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I saw the Apollo one and had to have him. I saw the two special run models I got, I had to have them. It just kept going from there.


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