Swap Meet Extras – Blankets & Saddle Pads

As promised, here are the leftovers I have available from the BW Swap Meet. 🙂

First, I have three western pads, in black, tan and dark grey. All three have dark brown wear leathers. $15.00 each

I have five English pads available, in light blue, white, lavender, black and hunter green. These are the “horse” size, not the smaller “pony” size. $15.00 each

Lavender ON HOLD
Light Blue, White and Black SOLD
Green SOLD

Annnd the blankets..! These fit a variety of Traditional models (most were built on the Idocus mold) and have adjustable belly and leg straps.

This goofy bright piratey one – $30.00 SOLD

Magical Wizards: (this was built on Giselle and best fits horses similar in size to her) $30.00 SOLD

Navy/tan checked: $30.00 SOLD

A pink, two-toned turnout: $35.00- ON HOLD

And a blue/green plaid: $30.00 SOLD

Shipping Costs – I ship USPS First Class. Normally these arrive within a few days in the USA, a few weeks elsewhere.

USA: $3.00
Canada: $10.00
Everywhere Else: $14.00

Paypal ONLY please! Sold first come, first serve.

If you are interested in any of the above, please email me directly at desktopstables@gmail.com

Thank you! ❤

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