Almost Breyerfest time!

Next week is Breyerfest, and the “everyone’s going to Breyerfest except me” blues are hitting again. I know it’s not true, but dang it doesn’t it feel that way at times?!

SOMEDAY. Not in the foreseeable future but SOMEDAY. Maybe, hopefully? *SIGH*

For those of you who are going, have fun, and I hope you find all the horses on your wishlist! πŸ˜€

Required reading —> The Ultimate Breyerfest Survival Guide

My doll’s shirt is this one miniaturized – I kind of want one for myself, haha!

5 thoughts on “Almost Breyerfest time!

  1. Nichelle, who made the doll’s jeans? And how did you make the T shirt? Your photos are star quality. Love them. :)))

    1. Thanks! πŸ˜€ I made the clothing. The image on the shirt is an iron on transfer. I’ve been trying to follow doll clothing tutorials on Youtube… it’s tough because most are for Barbie-sized dolls, so I’ve been having to draft new, smaller patterns. My Froggy Stuff’s channel has been a huge help as her tutorials are easily explained. πŸ™‚

  2. Please don’t feel blue Nichelle. I’ve NEVER, ever been to Breyerfest and I don’t see it happening anytime soon or maybe even ever… We can watch from the sidelines together. {{hugs}}

    P.S. I always love it when I get an e-mail that you’ve created a new blog post. : ) Your creativity is amazing!


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