Almost time for Breyerfest!

It’s nearly time for Breyerfest! I seriously considered going this year and had most of it all planned out. Then time got away from me, prices went up and other things got in the way. Now I am kicking myself.

In the end it’s probably a good thing I’m not going, because work has been, well, bad this summer, and taking a few weekdays off would be out of the question.

But then I had an opportunity to go see The Phantom of the Opera in Spokane (it was amazing and beautiful and the cast was perfect) which may not have happened if I had BF coming up… so yeah. I’m not going to feel too bad because seeing the opera ghost live was literally a dream come true. (now the ultimate would be to see the original on Broadway, but who knows if I can make a NYC trip happen!)

Anyway, even though I have to put Breyerfest off for another year, I’m still looking forward to hearing all about it. I can’t wait to read through blogs and see everyone’s pictures, as well as find out what the surprise model is.

I also want to draw attention to this excellent post by Knight’s Tale Studio – it’s definitely worth a read!

If you’re heading to Kentucky this week, whether it’s to meet friends, watch the performances, show or brave the NPOD…

She takes her NPOD shopping very seriously.

… remember to have FUN, and be respectful and kind and not like my obnoxious rider dolls.

Having fun is what it’s about right? I’ll look forward to reading all about it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Almost time for Breyerfest!

  1. You will never guess what! I am in Kentucky right now, but not for Breyerfest! :,( i am actually here at he Ark Enconter right now. I wish I could go, but I’m the only one in my family who actually enjoy it. If you find any posts about BF, could you share them?

  2. That’s just too funny. I especially like the last photo. For a moment I thought the other blonde had ripped her hair out and then I realized her head was on the table.

    I had hoped to go this year and had initially made plans, but then the money wasn’t there. I will see what next year’s theme is before deciding to try for then. I had really wanted to see a Marwari in person, though.


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