Another Quilted Blanket

I finished up another blanket over the weekend.



The pattern seems to get edited with each new blanket I make, and I think, finally, finally, I’m happy with it.


It’s all made from cotton. I do have some material that would imitate what’s used for real horse blankets, (polyester? I’m not sure) but I’m not brave enough to try working with it yet!


I added some little details to this one, like D rings (what are those used for??) and a fake brand logo I threw together in Photoshop.


My reference had a single strap underneath the belly so I was able to get away with using handmade buckles and hardware instead of the fancier etched ones.


It came together really easily though, and I’ve been daydreaming about making others in different color combinations. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Another Quilted Blanket

  1. Your reference wouldn’t of been a turnout rug – more like a stable or cooler rug (used after exercise to prevent chills). So cotton / fleece is fine for this design. It wouldn’t be used for turnout if it only has a single belly strap / surcingle as horses are crazy things and it’s more likely to slip. Like everyone said – the d-rings are to add neck rugs on, but I prefer combos for my horses as I feel they leak too easily!

    I think it looks great! I actually have a rug quite like this just red and white. 🙂 very realistic, looks amazing. ☺️


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