Nerdy Saddle Pads, Part II

Last week I tackled the next batch of nerdy English saddle pads.


These two are Middle-Earth inspired… Rohan and Gondor, to be exact. My grandma spoiled me with the extended collection of The Hobbit for my birthday, so my parents and I watched those and immediately had to continue on by re-watching the Lord of the Rings films. I’ve been stuck in Middle Earth for the past couple of weeks… yet again. XD

(and I don’t care what critics say I totally loved the Hobbit!)


I mentioned on my Facebook page that these were easier imagined than done. Originally I wanted to embroider them. Once I realized how complex the designs were and how difficult it would be to scale them down, I decided to try painting them instead.


The end result is far from perfect, and I know I made the white tree too short but hey.


My equine drawing/painting skills are rusty so I’m glad that the horse actually looks like a horse:


And I did try to add the yellowish/gold bits to it but it hardly shows up in my photos:


I’m happy with them though. 🙂


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