Brushing Boots

In January I started working out a pattern for brushing/splint boots, after being inspired by some colorful ones I found online.

Here’s the first version: (aka the first version I was happy with as far as shape/design goes)


I didn’t have any leather dyed at the moment, so I stuck with the plain white. I did end up painting that to make it whiter, which isn’t something I’d recommend, really. Does anyone have any experience with white leather dye?


Anyway, like a lot of my projects it sat unattended for a long time. I have had some time to work on them again though, and finished up a new pair. (properly dyed this time 😉 )


The straps have velcro closures for easy on/off, and fit a variety of horses. They aren’t one-size-fits-all however, and best fit horses with thinner legs, like Lonesome Glory.

They also fit the back legs too, so I could use the same pattern for a set of four, which is nice. This varies from model to model though…


Here they are on Latigo:




The pads, straps and velcro are all sewn down… I’ve been taking them on and off multiple horses and they’ve been holding up well.



I’ve got ideas for all sorts of colors now… and maybe reflective ones too. 😀


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