Copperfox 10 Day Challenge – Day 2

Continuing with the Copperfox challenge, here is day 2: Name your model or barn.

Have a go at naming the most recent addition to your herd by giving them a show name, stable name and pet name. As further ideas, why not do the same for your barn or stable yard and then make a barn tour video?

I can’t exactly remember when I tried to come up with a stable/studio name… it couldn’t of been long after I discovered the hobby on the internet. At first I wanted something to do with roses (Rose is my middle name and favorite flower) and Arabians… Desert Rose was an early name I think? Later it switched to Montana Rose. (which is now my ISH’s name) I can’t remember when I decided to call this “Desktop Stables” – it must have been around the time I started the blog. It doesn’t have a big backstory or any significant meaning. I don’t have a fictional stable as everything just exists on the desk, so I was probably poking fun at myself. Whatever the reason, it stuck.

As for the horses’ names, I’m really bad at coming up with them.

Not too long ago I put together a simple spreadsheet to keep track of my collection. The herd isn’t enormous so it’s not really necessary, but I like having everything like names, breeds and molds in one spot.

Yes, I have pages for the riders and animals too… but those are very incomplete at the moment…

When I put the spreadsheet together I made an effort to name every single horse that was currently nameless. It was a challenge, and many of them will probably be changed because some of them I’m kind of “ehhhh” about still.

For example, “Like a Diamond” is now “Ace” and I don’t know WHY. I think I wanted something to do with cards… you know… like a diamond ace or something IDON’TKNOW. >_< He was my first Traditional Breyer and has been the hardest to name!


I’m a big dork, so a lot of names were inspired by books, movies or fictional characters.

Prince Caspian

I’ve also named horses from stuff I’ve picked up from piano. “A Sudden Storm” was an early piece I learned… (and forgot because I no longer have the sheets, aghhh)


And my Heartbreaker is now “Poco Moto,” a musical term that means “little motion.”

I've also realized that his eyes aren't glossed! o_O
I’ve also realized that his eyes aren’t glossed! o_O

Two of my horses are named after composers as well, for no particular reason.


Some are similar to their release names…

Joker -> “Joke’s on You”
Rags to Riches -> “Ragtime Melody”

But only a handful have show names, and an even smaller amount have “pet” names. (which are usually ridiculous… this comes from the names my sister and I would give lesson horses and pets… heh)

Anyway, lame names or not, the goal was met, woohoo! Until Jesse joined the herd. Poor horse is still nameless.


I’d like him to have some sort of western-themed name… but nothing’s quite working yet! How do you go about naming your horses?

13 thoughts on “Copperfox 10 Day Challenge – Day 2

  1. I like to take inspiration from street names, books, movies, tv shows and my favorite, song titles. I have a lot of horses named after songs, and I try to have all the horses on the same mold follow some type of theme for the names. So all of my Carricks are named after songs, while all of my Destados have wild names like Eagle and Cuervo, (Spanish for raven). Hope that helps!

  2. I like your method for organising your models.

    I like to write down any names (or even words/phrases that I could use for names) that I come across and compile them in a big list. Then, when I get a new model, I go through the list word by word and see which names/words might suit that model and write a shortlist. Finally I go through the shortlist and see which name suits that model the best. Admittedly, it takes some time (the list is now over 2000 word long!) and effort, but I almost always find that the name I end up with feels right for that model.

    I’m always looking for inspiration for new names for my list, so I love seeing what other people have named their models 🙂

    1. Wow, 2000? That’s awesome! I tried something similar a while back but could never keep up with it. I think I still have the list somewhere on this computer… hmmm… 🙂

    2. I do the same- I have a spreadsheet, that just today (due to this very challenge!) I copied to google sheets for easier “anywhere” access. It’s really helpful to see what names I’ve used and which names I’ve come up with but haven’t used yet 🙂 I named three horses in my blog today using my oh-so-helpful list 🙂

  3. I normally try to name them off of TV shows, book characters, etc. Although, when I can’t think of anything, I like to look at a list of either top mare, stallion, gelding, etc. names or I like to google the top 1,000 horse names.
    But, otherwise, when I pick model horse names, I pick names that have impacted me a lot…Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. I usually get my inspiration for naming my models like Trail Blazer does–mostly songs altho I don’t assign a particular breed or mold to the title! Anymore, because I am not an active “live” shower, many of my horses stay inside their boxes anymore–so names aren’t really necessary! Space is, tho! (Hehe!)
    Here’s something too–Famous people and famous “real” horses can give you ideas too!! For instance, when I first started collecting (years ago) I bought the Breyer semi-glossy palo 5-gaiter and named him KENTUCKY GOLD. Well , years rolled by and the collection grew!! One day, while out antiquing, I found another Breyer semi-glossy palo. 5 gaiter! Because I hadn’t kept good track of what models I already owned, found out that the 2nd ASB was a *duplicate*!

    Didn’t get rid of him tho!! By then, a “real” 3 yr. old TB colt by the name of I”LL HAVE ANOTHER” had won the KY. Derby–so guess what his name became??!! !!
    Don’t forget FOOD items as ideas either!! There’s a “real” ASB mare that shows in the Regional Shows in our area –her name is ‘LEGGO MY EGGO” (*giggle) and she’s also “Andys” dam!

    Famous people– My Breyer “Sahran” is named NETANYAHU – for the Israeli minister (and also because I want him to be a descendant of NABORR!) AND my Breyer “GANACHE” is named BEN GURION (also for a famous Israeli -but his name means “Son of the Lion”!)
    Hope this is helpful and Sorry for the long message!

  5. I know I’ve already written a lot but as I was closing , another thought occurred to me!! Don’t forget -PERFUME SCENTS!
    One of my model founding Arabian studs was named after a perfume that I don’t think they still make today – PRINCE MATCHABELLI!!! He’s a great grand sire now -and his foals/descendants are *still” winners!!

    Just a thought!!

    1. I like your ideas! I’ll Have Another is a perfect name for a duplicate model, hehe. 😀 Never thought of perfume scents for inspiration, thanks for the idea! ^_^

  6. Nichelle- for Jesse.. my first thought was “BLONDIE” for the old Clint Eastwood movie “Good Bad and Ugly”.. or am I severely dating myself that I even know about that movie? LOL!! I still have to name my own Jesse 🙂


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