Glitter Boots, Take 2

I’ve been making glittery boots again.


I was making them to order for a short time, but even though I liked them I figured they could be better. The trouble was trying to figure out how to accomplish that, especially on something so tiny.


Switching materials helped. These are made from skiver instead of black suede, for one thing, and the glitter looks a lot nicer. My favorite bit is how these don’t need sticky wax to stay put. Instead they use velcro that’s tiny and strong enough to hold them in place without adding too much extra bulk.

I’m a lot happier with them now, and will be sticking them on etsy within the week. I’m hoping to have purple and blue available eventually as well.

Here’s a pair on Roxy, with SMB by Rachel Fail:

Palouse can wear them too:


Honestly I have no idea why I’m so attracted to sparkly tack for model horses, but it’s fun and makes me happy. 😛


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