Packing on the Brain

First off – last week I posted a bunch of things for sale on Etsy. I had a feeling they would go quickly but not at the speed they actually did. I’m surprised, but grateful. Thank you all so much!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about this lately though, and have decided that maybe it’s not the best idea to make stuff in batches and sell it on a specific day or time. I think a better route would be to add items as they are completed and really try to stay dedicated to that. I’m still trying to figure things out- I sincerely hope that no one is upset or disappointed with me. I’m a people-pleaser but I can’t please everyone, as much as I would like to.

I’ve got a stack of more pads in the works and will hopefully have them listed soon. I’d love to be able to list things weekly but I think every two weeks or so would be a more realistic goal…


I’ve FINALLY found a use for all that Algebra I had to study in college!!


Making patterns on graph paper is SO much easier than using regular paper… at least for me, since I’m really bad at making perfect angles on paper. Straight lines (with a ruler) are no problem, but when things need to fit together in a particular way graph paper is a big help. Annnd since I didn’t have any on hand besides old homework assignments… well, yeah.

Lately I’ve had panniers on the brain. (I really want to pick up one of Breyer’s pack sets) That led to google searches an an instant attraction to anything colorful. This set is based off of panniers that are designed to fit over a western saddle.


They’re not really meant for packing large loads, but from what I understand, would be good for hauling gear to camp or packing out game or something.




I had to make mine able to open and close as well…


I really ought to line it and I think I need to add a cinch of sorts, as I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t have one, but finding pictures is tricky.

So… yeah. That’s out of my system now so it’s back to work~

9 thoughts on “Packing on the Brain

  1. That looks amazing!! I really want a mule and pack set too, but since I’m in Britain and they charge an arm and elbow for shipping, I’m being quite unrealistic. Love your ideas of making your own, it looks fab! You should be so proud.

    My question though, are they made of card or material? If they are made if material, how did you make the material look so stiff? It’s really cool whatever!

    1. Oh and as for the cinch, they seem to have a double girth kind of, so it’s not a cinch but it’s not a normal girth xD Haha, I’m not big on western so I don’t know a great deal on the discipline, sorry.

      Here’s some links: (sorry if they don’t work)

      I hope you found them helpful.

    2. Thanks! They are made from cotton fabric. I ironed all the tabs/edges before putting it together to get the sharp creases. The inside is basically a box made from cardstock, which makes it a little sturdier.

    1. No, I’ve never been. 🙂 I’m hoping to make it to Breyerfest one of these years, as I’d like to experience it at least once!


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