Winter Photo Challenge

I might have had a bit too much fun with this.

01. Vintage


Old Timer is the oldest horse in my collection and is probably the only one who can qualify as “vintage.”

02. Nekkid


Montana horses don’t need no stupid blankets.

03. Scale Issues


“Oh good, you’ve gained half an ounce!”

04. I See Spots


05. Unbridled Passion


I was inspired by those horse stories… you know… where the girl finds a wild stallion and tames him and so on…

06. Rare Breed


This is Oscar. (the Magnificent) He’s orange and spotty and… well I don’t know what he is, exactly…

07. Portrait


08. Conga


I am one of the few hobbyists who doesn’t “conga” any molds. So… yeah. Everybody CONGA!!

09. The Great Outdoors


“Look at that great big world out there, just waiting to be explored!”

10. Best in Show

010BestinShowGigantic ribbons, hooray!

Thank you Jennifer for hosting – this was a lot of fun! 😀


13 thoughts on “Winter Photo Challenge

  1. I always enjoy the pictures in your blog, you look like you are having such fun. Your conga picture had me cracking up.

    Thank you for entertaining me.


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