Embroidered Costume – finished! Finally.

After being on the workbench for a year, I can finally say it’s finished. That’s such a good feeling! I’m quite sick of it to be honest.









I tried to mimic real costumes as far as design and colors go. Of course I keep finding all the things that are wrong with it… urgh. I also keep thinking of things I would like to do differently with the next one… cause yes, there is another waiting on the workbench. šŸ˜›

Any thoughts?

Edit: It’s up on MH$P!

7 thoughts on “Embroidered Costume – finished! Finally.

    1. It took hours and hours and hours. o_o I’m tempted to start another cause I really like the look over the turkish rugs, but yeah… it took ages! XD Thanks for your comment! šŸ™‚


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