A day in the Horsepital…

As careful as I try to be with my horses, some of them usually end up with eartip rubs and other “owies.” This wouldn’t happen if I wouldn’t handle my models so often… but I really like to take pictures and make tack so not touching them is out of the question. 😛 I don’t show, and the majority of my collection is made up of the less-expensive regular runs, so it’s not a huge issue, really. However, I do like to make sure that my plastic ponies are looking their best.

Which reminds me… I really need to dust.


My Marengo has been a “problem horse” for a while now. Aside from trouble with his stand (like all Huck models…) new chips and nicks keep appearing on him. I’m not sure how this happens. When he’s not on the shelf, he’s wrapped up in bubble wrap in storage. It’s not like he’s coming to life and running around the room at night, getting into fights with the cats. What’s the deal??

Oddly enough, his latest injury turned out to be a good thing.

His ear chipped somehow, taking off a bit of extra plastic with it. He’s always had a weird-looking ear, and it’s still kind of weird looking…

…but with a bit of paint it’s looking better now.

Roxy also joined him for ear touch-ups today. Just a little rub from being shipped up here, I assume, and since she’s solid black it was a very easy fix.

Look I even put them in hospital gowns. o_O Har har har. No really… it’s to keep my stupid self from causing any more paint damage, or getting unwanted paint on them. (cause it always manages to get on my fingers…)

I think I need to get out of the house for a bit.


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