Collection Pics!

I’ve finally gotten around to taking pictures of the horses in my collection! (well, the traditional horses anyway…) I’ve done this so many times it’s ridiculous. I’ve never been completely happy with the end results. It’s very frustrating considering how long it takes to do this… and my collection isn’t a huge one!

Today seemed like a good day to try again. I decided to play “photographer” and set up a nice spot in front of the window. I stole my dad’s tripod and his external flash, then chased the cats away. (causing a lot of drama, actually…) All of my pictures can be found here.

Of course it’s not “complete” yet, as I haven’t gotten the Classic horses and animals and whatnot done yet, but a big portion is DONE so I’m excited about that.

Now to finish coming up with names for them all. o_O

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