Something Different…

Bah. I hate April Fool’s Day. It’s become tradition to say that every year, methinks. But it’s true, as I don’t really like it at all. But I admit that some pranks can be quite funny… I’ve already fallen for several of them online today. D’oh!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I occupied myself with for most of yesterday. I was in a very crafty sort of mood and went downstairs to go through all the random craft supplies my family has gathered over the years. (homeschoolers, wheee!)

I re-discovered a container filled with random buttons and beads, and decided to make some jewerly. It was supposed to be earrings… but that quickly changed to charm bracelets. I have an unhealthy charm bracelet addiction.

Anyway, here’s what came of it!

I think this is my favorite of the lot. It’s not quite as dark as this picture shows though…

This one is so random… most of the charms were loose charms from broken jewelry, or were attached to jewelry I didn’t wear very often.

This one is a gift, actually. The abalone buttons inspired a sort of ocean theme. 🙂

They’re all a bit tacky but fun and jingly too, haha. It was a fun way to spend my time. But my fingers ache horribly today! Ouch!


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