Feeling “Moody” today.

Aha… aha… yeah. Seriously! Don’t you just love those days? My head has been giving me trouble again, and I’m not exactly sure what’s behind the pain. I don’t think it’s serious, probably more of a “spend less time on the computer and go to bed earlier” type of thing, but you never know. I DO know that it’s annoying. Headaches never make me feel like doing anything.

I’m still alive and well, though my blog has failed to show that, whoops. Lately, I just haven’t had anything very interesting to post about. It’s partly  because I haven’t been doing much hobby-wise. I’ve noticed that I tend to go around in circles with my various hobbies. For a while I’ll be focused on models then switch my focus to drawing/writing/etc  before coming back to models. It’s not something I plan ahead of time… it just happens, and for some reason, it works for me. Sometimes these stages are long, and sometimes they’re short… and… you don’t really care anymore, do you? 😀

I can never seem to keep my attention focused on one thing for long! (which is why I have so many unfinished projects…heh…)

However, I do have some cowrie orders, which I’m really excited about! They’re keeping me busy, which is always a good thing too. 😉

These horses, for those wondering, were all sculpted by the talented Kathleen Moody. The models she has sculpted for Breyer are among some of my favorites, which include these three pretties, who felt they deserved some screen-time like my “other” horses. Hah.

Hooray for random collection pictures!!


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