The Sun! It’s finally out!

The weather here as been really nice lately… which means I can get away from the window and actually take pictures outside!

I’ve made a couple halters, one of which is for sale. I also picked up that little arabian costume and have made quite a bit of progress. I was wondering what it would look like with all it’s tassels on it, which could only be accomplished by actually making the tassels and putting them on. 😀

However, I don’t have any pictures of it to show you. I’d rather post pictures of it when it’s complete. I DO intend to finish it soon. I’ve had it laying around for the past two years… you could say I’m getting pretty sick of it being unfinished.

Here’s a picture of the halter that’s for sale, if anyone is interested:

Hope the weather’s nice where you are! 🙂

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