The Gangsters

One of my ongoing projects is getting updated photos of my collection. It’s slow going, but eventually I’ll get them all done and edited. Today’s batch included this pair of ponies I picked up last year. I wasn’t planning on taking extra photos but here we are. Might as well share them!

They are portrait models of Tony Da Pony and Bugsy Maloney, (nicknamed “The Gangsters”) who compete in combined driving.

I… am not sure which is which. 😅 I think this is Tony Da Pony? He was done on the Pony of the Americas mold with the new mane and tail.

Bugsy Maloney (?) is on the Galiceño mold. They’re both supposed to be bay pinto, but does this one look more like a buckskin pinto? I’m not the best with horse colors. 😄

Mine does have a warped back leg. I haven’t attempted to fix that yet…

I haven’t been buying many Breyers lately, but I was glad to add these to the collection. 🥰

6 thoughts on “The Gangsters

  1. I thought they were both buckskin pintos, so this is rather news to me. Thanks for the close up looks. I’ve always wanted Tony (I conga the POAs) and now he’s even lovelier than I suspected.

  2. I think the first one is a bay pinto and I think the second one is a buckskin pinto, not a bay one.


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