Dress Sheet, Take 3

A couple weeks ago I started working on a new dress sheet/show cooler. I made a few of them nearly four years ago, but I’ve been wanting to try again with some new ideas.

Typically these are made from wool or fleece, but I stuck with cotton. One of my goals was to get the binding thinner. This is thinner than what’s on my recent blankets, but not by much, so I’ll have to keep trying.

When it came to the hip ornaments, I quickly remembered why I haven’t made dress sheets in four years. These things… ugh.
Fun fact: the loopy bits are based off of “frog” fastenings which can be found on historical and some Asian styled clothing. Figuring that out helped a bit, but the braided part was another challenge. In the end, my version imitates the real thing but is not braided the same way, and that annoys me to no end because I want it to be just like the REAL THING UGHHH.

It is better than my earlier attempts though, so I suppose I’ll be content with it for now.

I added a hidden belly surcingle to it:

And gave it a leather buckle in the front:

This is a personal/test piece (it’s got issues… there’s a reason why I haven’t shown the other side hahaha) so it won’t be available for sale.

I’m hoping to create a few more in different color combinations though, because I still think there’s room for improvement.


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