Copperfox Cadno

Back in March, the full line of Copperfox Model Horses went up for pre-order. I had a ridiculously hard time choosing which one I wanted, as they are all very nice! In the end, I finally decided on Cadno, a Connemara pony sculpted by Kitty Cantrell.

The models were ready for shipping after a few month’s wait. Even though mine had to travel across the pond and then across the country, it still arrived extremely fast.




First off, I’m really impressed with the overall presentation, and I LOVE the box. Like my Kickstarter model, Cadno was presented very well, with a signed letter…


… a certificate, a card about the model and a booklet filled with images and information on the entire line.


Like I said, I LOVE the box. It’s a good, sturdy and pretty box that will not end up in the trash like all my other horse boxes. There’s a layer of foam on the inside…


…revealing the horse safely tucked away in it’s own foam pocket.


I can’t be the only one super excited about this right?!? Because box rubs suck. And so do twist ties with sharp metal bits that you have to carefully cut away from the horse or else… πŸ˜›

Anyway, out of the box, Cadno is beautiful, and exceeds my expectations:



The white markings and hooves are all hand painted, and the eyes, nostrils and hooves are glossed.


The eyes are beautifully painted, with a tiny blue highlight in the center:




She looks really shiny in my pictures but in person she has a very matte finish, much like the finish on newer OF Breyers.



The plastic she’s made from though is entirely different. I can’t quite place what it is exactly… it’s got some weight to it but feels very different from Breyer plastic. Breyers are fairly “soft” and somewhat bendable, while this plastic feels almost more brittle?


She is about the same size as Flash. I’m thinking they can share saddles but maybe not bridles- her head is much narrower.

Here she is next to the Stone ISH as well:


And one with the Kickstarter Cob:


All in all I am very pleased with this horse! If you are on the fence about ordering one, I suggest you go ahead while they are still available. πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “Copperfox Cadno

  1. They’re made of ABC and polycarbonate. Becky told me acetate cellulose is too had to get in the UK. I live the boxes too! So much better than those wire ties. I have two of the Connie’s. It can share tack with Valentine/Giselle.

    1. I want to keep up with the Harry Potter themed names for my Copperfoxes… I have a couple ideas but haven’t settled on anything just yet. I wanted to name her after a Slytherin character but now I’m thinking a Ravenclaw would be a better choice…. πŸ˜€

  2. ABS and polycarbonate are strong plastics (they make motorcycle helmets from it). So no need to worry it will be brittle πŸ™‚

    1. Awesome! I’m not sure if brittle was the right way to describe it now that I think of it… it’s not bad, just different! Hehe. Love the horses either way. πŸ™‚


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