Newest Work + Sewing Projects

Recently I finished another horse blanket:




This, in addition to a couple pairs of glitter boots…


Is my donation to the Jennifer Show being held in CO this fall. I do hope that whoever ends up with them likes them! 😀

Aside from one other project I wrapped up last week, I’ve put the model stuff aside for the time being. One, I need a break. And two, I will be travelling again soon, so I’ve been pre-occupied with that.

I have managed to finish some last minute sewing projects in preparation though, the first being a camera strap:


And a pouch to hold colored pencils:


Yes, I have a thing for space/galaxy prints, why do you ask!?


While it wasn’t a terribly difficult project I’m still pleased with it. Zippers are intimidating.


I should probably stop procrastinating and get some other things done now. 😛 Also, I am going to have limited internet access for the next couple weeks, so if I’m slow to respond to any messages, that’s why! 🙂

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