Custom Fabric

I’m addicted to fabric. Or collecting it, actually. Every time I stop in at the fabric store I get completely distracted looking through all the different ones. I’m always keeping an eye open for in-scale-ish prints for model horse projects, but there are some patterns that I know I’m never going to find.

Soo… I’ve been designing my own. Last weekend I put together a few prints I’ve been wanting in Photoshop, then ordered a bunch of swatches from Spoonflower. They arrived today!


I had them printed on plain cotton… it’s what I use the most and was the least expensive option. Overall I’m really pleased with them. They did come out slightly larger than I expected (may or may not fix that, I haven’t decided) but they’re not too large to be unusable in this scale.

First, two camo prints, in pink and green: (with Roxy to scale)


A tie dye print:


And a galaxy print:


I wasted no time in ironing out the wrinkles and cutting them up for saddle pads.


The results… (minus wear leathers… I need to dye more leather aghhh)





I’m really happy with the tie dye and camo prints. The galaxy print is more grey and washed out in person (can only be expected with a pattern like this, really) and I’m not completely satisfied with it yet. But I’m excited because I’ve got more ideas…

As far as sales go, these particular pads will not be for sale, (they were experiments) but I’d like to offer these prints on the stuff I make sometime in the future. I’ve got a lot going on at the moment so it may not be till the new year, but we’ll see. 🙂

What are your thoughts? Anything in particular you would like to see?

10 thoughts on “Custom Fabric

  1. I love these! What I’d love to be able to get are native american prints stuff and also native arab type patterns, but anything ‘different’ I love too. Brilliant idea and I am so going to be ordering from you at some point!

  2. I am in serious love with that tie-dye pad! I actually really like it without the wear leathers to be completely honest. My only suggestion would be to maybe to the stitching using transparent quilting thread with that one, only because of how varied the colours are. But I really adore it, and I want several with different backing colours.

  3. I love pink camo and Galaxy!! So pretty! Such clever ideas 🙂 I’d never of thought of printing my own. When you say printing, do you mean with a regular printer or something else? I’m a little confused, I thought paper and card where the only things printers took lol! :3 I think pink camo next to Roxy looked gorgeous, who’s pad in your herd will that be? 🙂

    1. These were ordered through a website called Spoonflower, which offers custom printing of fabrics.

      Printable fabric sheets can also be purchased for inkjet printers at home… I haven’t tried this yet since they can be a bit pricey. 🙂 I’ve also heard of people making their own sheets but haven’t done much research on it.

  4. Omg Im in love with the tie dye!!! Please please contact me if you decide to sell it or one the same!!!!! That is UNREAL!!!!


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