Finally- a white fence!

I really love the look of a clean white fence used for horse pastures. I made one several years ago… probably in ’04 or ’05 or something, and it worked well for the pictures I used to take:

But because it was one long piece and was very light (balsa strips, woo!) it didn’t survive the move from CA to MT. I’ve been “meaning” to make another one for a while now… and haha, it took several years for me to sit down and actually put one together!

It was a fun night’s project. 🙂 The wood is still balsa, I believe, but the sticks I used are a lot thicker and stronger then the pieces I used for the old fence. This wood came packaged in a craft wood set… it has all sorts of wood pieces in it, the strips being the perfect size for a fence. (with a little trim here and there…)

And here are the finished pieces in a horrible “set” I threw together on the floor. (The horses do not approve.)

But of course the cat does…

“Can you let me out now?”

So yes! One thing checked off the seemingly endless to-do list! I’m happier with these fence pieces. They’re stronger, thicker, and more storage friendly. (YAY.) I also think they’re at a more realistic height then my old one was… the old one looks like horses could easily jump it… which defeats the purpose of a fence, don’t you think? Then again the PS Arab is really huge… anyway…

Someday I’ll take some good pictures of my models in a nice setting… someday… *adds to list*

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