Leaving the State!

Hey all, (if there are any of “you” out there!)

I mentioned on my other blog about an upcoming trip I’m taking. I’m leaving for Hawaii on the 4th of June. This is no week long trip though… the entire DTS lasts three months, with another three months spent on outreach in a foreign country.

While in Hawaii I will have access to my e-mail. I don’t know about any other websites so it’s quite likely that I won’t be updating any of my blogs (especially this one) during that time.

I will NOT be taking any orders for halters or cowries from now on. I know it’s a week early, but I figured now was the time to er… close up, so there isn’t any trouble with payment/shipping/communication/etc. Once I get back I’ll probably start up again, and I’ll post about it right here. But that won’t be till November. 😉

Thanks so much to those who have ordered from me recently. I appreciate your business very much. I’ve had to be very strict about spending because of this trip, so what I’ve earned through your purchases has helped me in enormous ways. Thanks so much!!

I’m really going to miss my plastic ponies and this friendly community. Until next time…


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