My Second Western Saddle

I made this saddle in May ’07. Or sometime close to that. I was getting ready for my second live show and wanted some new tack to use in performance. My old stuff simply isn’t usable in the show ring!

And… now that I look at it, neither is this. I was CREAMED, haha. But, seeing as I couldn’t afford to purchase a saddle made by a great tack-maker, my own work would have to do. I think there’s something really fun about showing with stuff you’ve made yourself anyway. Even if you come in last place. 😀



This was the second western saddle I built. I made it from a Rio Rondo kit, like my first, but… put more effort into it. It’s finished, it has handmade “silver plates,” (need to work on those) a nicer girth, and best of all, pieces that actually look right on the saddle!

Maybe someday I’ll show you my first. I still like it, and could probably use it in photos, even with it’s numerous flaws. It WAS my first you know.


My second was definately an improvement, but I still have a LONG way to go. I have another kit waiting here. It’ll be my first attempt at dyeing leather, and maybe simple carving. Wish me luck! XD

(And LOL at my saddle stand. I think I made it 4-5 years ago. It’s time for an update! :D)

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