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Update and a Bit

Oh my word it’s July. And so far, it’s been an insanely BUSY July, at least with work. Overtime, yay? I suppose it’s a good thing… it is a job after all, and I’m very thankful for that,Ā but goodness I can only take so much!

Aside from work, I’ve also found myself busy with this thing called socializing with people my age. šŸ˜‰ Also, my wrists are FINALLY healing up! I’m not keeping them in braces unless I have to (especially at work) and I’m not in constant pain anymore!! They’re still a little sore and definitely stiff and weak, but I’m working on getting them back into shape again. This means two things: I can start taking up piano lessons again (which I missed very very much) AND get back into making model horse tack. (which I’ve also missed very very much)

Course, I don’t have a whole lot of extra time for that now, but hey. It’s summer and summers always seem to be really busy.

Yesterday was my day off though, so I spent the first half of it working on a Dressage bridle. Well, the bit anyway.

I find it incredibly satisfying to make my own hardware for tack. True, it’s definitely not as nice and polished as the cast or etched stuff, but I’m not making these pieces to sell or show so what difference does it make?

The above etched bit I ordered from Rio Rondo, and while it’s nice, it’s just so… flat. So… I attempted to fashion one myself out of wire, jump rings and seed beads. (and superglue!)

Any thoughts? It’s not perfect by any means, and my knowledge of dressage is very limited. I don’t even know if it will work without falling apart, but hey, it’s a first attempt.

Sadly that’s as far as I got for the day. šŸ˜¦

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Bridle #1

I made this one to fit my Joker, but it should fit some of my other horses nicely too:



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A couple Western bits-

A recent post on Blab inspired me to give a go at making my own western bits… out of a cereal box! I really loveĀ being able to makeĀ things from stuff around the house, especially hobby-related stuff.

I’ve been making my own English bits for a while now. Snaffles and D-ring snaffles are so simple and easy. You just need wire or jump rings, and a couple silver seed beads. I’ve been stumped on the western bits though.

Rio Rondo sells both etched and castĀ  bits, which are very popular on miniature tack. I really love the way they look, but I wanted to find another option. Basically I wanted to make bits myself, so I don’t have to spend theĀ money. Gosh I’m cheap. O_o


Here’s the result:


Ok- WHY did I want to make my own bits again? This was another one of my ideas that was easier said then done.

It was made out of cardboard from a cereal box. I didn’t have any silver paint, but I DID have a bottle of “chrome” nailpolish in my room (me and my crazy nailcolors, LOL) which worked nicely. The picture doesn’t show it very well, but it has a nice shine to it. Not too much, but just enough. The “paint” made the cardboard alot more stiff, which is nice because it was way too flexible for my liking before.

My attempt also looks rather sloppy, especially where the headstall and reins attach. I had some issues cutting out those tiny holes. I’ve alsoĀ realized that I MUST invest in a nice set of exacto knives sometime in the future!

Hey, it was a first attempt, you know. šŸ˜€

While I was at it, I tried making another style I had seen on the horses in my State Line Tack catalog. (years old, but the pictures are perfect for reference!)


I believe this is called a Futurity bit or a Transition bit? I don’t know anything about it so I’m not sure if it’s sutible for everyday western riding with any horse. I’ve seen it on models a few times, but not often, so I wonder…

I’m happier with this one then the first though. Obviously I won’t be showing them any time soon, but they’ll work for photos, once I get the bridles done, that is!

It’s definately easier to buy pre-made hardware and bits, but for some reason, making my own is a lot more satisfying. šŸ™‚

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