Tack Prep

Last week I managed to hurt my wrist at work. It's nothing bad, just sore. I know better than to push through it, so I've been taking it easy and it's been getting better. In the meantime, I've been prepping for a new tack project. I've decided that Hamilton needs a Saddleseat set. I know … Continue reading Tack Prep

Another Blanket

I finished up this blanket yesterday. I love this model but blankets always look weird on him. I think I could have adjusted it better. I tried it on a couple other models and that kind of helped, but I still think it's weird. 😅 At least it's done and off my workbench now.

Silver Halter

It's taken a few months, but I've finally finished this showmanship halter. I've been wanting to put this set of Rio Rondo hardware to use for a while now. This is the "Rawlins" design. For some reason I default to halters when I'm struggling with making tack, thinking that they will be an easy project … Continue reading Silver Halter