Sweet & Salty

This year I wanted to try making some little things inspired by BreyerFest, Prost! I have been in an awful creative slump, (that’s hopefully starting to get better?) but I did manage to create some miniature food pieces.

First up, gingerbread hearts, or Lebkuchenherz. I started by creating a template out of paper…

…then used it to cut several from brown polymer clay. These were textured with sandpaper and lightly shaded with chalk pastels, but it doesn’t show up too well.

Once baked, I added the frosting with acrylic paint. It was easier for me to first sketch in the design with a sharp pencil, and I still messed up a couple because of how small they are!

I wasn’t sure how to add the frosting around the heart. I tried mixing paint with glue and added that around the edge. It gave the paint a thicker texture but dried too dark, so I ended up going over that with a layer of white, then another layer of color.

I really like how they turned out!

I also wanted to try making some pretzels. These were sculpted from polymer clay and shaded with chalk pastels before baking.

Once baked, I gave them a coat of matte glaze and sprinkled them with white craft sand for “salt.” Here’s how they turned out!

The beer stein is a ReMent piece from their European Gourmet Tour set.

Now I’m craving pretzels.

Looks like Georg is too!

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