Glitter and Chocolate

Last week I finished my college course. It’s been a good two years, but I’m glad that I’ve graduated. (no more math I’ll never use, hooray!) My last week was very stressful so I haven’t been missing my school all that much.

Model horses cheer me up though, so once I got through finals I focused on finishing up an order and got to work on some glittery boots.

I was nearly done with three pairs till I realized the pattern I was using I had later modified. Of course I had forgotten about this so the boots don’t quite fit the horses I thought they did. *facepalm*

But they do fit smaller hooves, like the ISH, so I guess that’s a plus:


Once I fixed the pattern I started on some other colors, and I’m much happier with the overall look:


I had to make them a custom logo too. (a spoof of the Professional’s Choice logo, haha)


I am hoping to list a few pairs for sale if there’s an interest. πŸ™‚

Also,Β since I recently had all my clay out again, I decided to make some mini chocolate chip cookies…


and mini brownies:


I’m craving chocolate, methinks…

9 thoughts on “Glitter and Chocolate

  1. Woot! Congratulations!
    Although it’s been 13 years, I still remember the feeling of pride walking up and being handed that college diploma! Surround yourself in that feeling of accomplishment!

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