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I’m really into the “adult coloring” craze right now, and am always on the lookout for nice horse-themed books. This was one of the first I found, created by Christina Riley. It’s so awesome to see hobbyists releasing stuff like this!

She has two books called Horsin’ Around: Just Horses! and Horsin’ Around: Color Me Crazy! I purchased a copy of Color Me Crazy and have really enjoyed it so far.

The illustrations in this book are gorgeous and very well done. What I really love is the variety.

Some of the horses are tacked up…

And others aren’t.

There is also a nice variety of breeds, including a couple bonus zebras. 😉

The drawings in Color Me Crazy have had intricate backgrounds added to them, which are fun to color in. Also, all of the pages are printed on one side of the paper.

Here’s one of the pages I’ve completed:

Both books can be purchased directly from Christina here. She’s having a clearance sale on them right now, so if you’re interested I’d definitely recommend snagging one up!

More of her beautiful work can be found on her website, and Facebook page as well. 🙂

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A while back I jumped on the “adult coloring” bandwagon. It’s gotten more and more popular, and every time I visit a craft or big box store I come across shelves of different coloring books tailored for adults.

Personally, I’m drawn to it because I grew up coloring and yay! Childhood! Also, I go through periods of bad anxiety and depression, and I’ve found that this helps, as it gives my brain something positive to focus on.

I have a very small collection of books, and have been keeping an eye out for some good horse-themed ones. I was so excited to see a few hobbyists releasing their own books, one of them being Rayvin Brewer of Khrysalis Studios.


I purchased both Enchanting Equines and Horses of Myth and Legend directly from Rayvin, and am very pleased with both. All of the drawings are very well done and are printed on one side of the paper.

Enchanting Equines has a nice mix of realistic line drawings…


… and more abstract ones.


There are a few tacked up horses and fantasy horses as well, like this handsome unicorn:


Horses of Myth and Legend is full of all kinds of fantasy inspired horses. I do think this book is my favorite of the two, probably because I’m a big fantasy nerd. ^_^


Like the first book, this one also has a mix of realistic and abstract drawings.


A few of them have solid black backgrounds, like this Steampunk inspired horse, which will look great once it’s all colored in.


I have so many favorite drawings in this book. ❤ I’m looking forward to adding color to all of them!


Both books can be purchased directly from Rayvin at or through Amazon. While it’s probably too late for Christmas delivery, she does have them available in a PDF format, so you could print them up at home. (a great option if you want to save on shipping!)
More of her work can be seen on her Facebook pages, Khrysalis Studios and Coloring Books by Rayvin.

Here’s one of her Wednesday freebies (from Facebook) I’m working on at the moment… I got myself one of those colorless blender pencils and love it so far!


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