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Playing with lighting…

I attempted to build a “light box” today. (don’t think that’s the proper name, but whatever) I basically built a cardboard “frame” out of a box, wrapped it in tape, then covered it with a white sheet. It’s big enough for horses such as Ruffian to fit in nicely. (not tall enough for silver however. I’ll have to modify it later.)

My only issue is lighting.

I think everyone has this problem when photographing their collection. At least I do.

With this box, as well as lamps clamped to the sides and above it, I’ve gotten better lighting then ever before. Sharpen up in photoshop and voila! A decent picture.

I wish my light was more white though, and less yellow. Which means that sometime I will have to invest in better lamps…

Until then this will do. I’m still not very happy with the results. I need to experiment more.


On another note, my Bluegrass Bandit is modelling a simple halter I made quite a while back. It’s a little too big for her, especially under the chin. I made it to fit another horse originally. Bandit will need another one of her own. In light blue maybe…

And here’s the Arabian halter I was working on:

Not quite finished but getting there. I still need to sculpt the cowries and beads. 🙂 The red one was nearly done too, but something about it is really bothering me. I’m thinking of changing the colors I used… it might make it look a little better. At least I hope so!


Until next time…

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