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Etsy Preview

I wanted to have these up a while ago, but I’ve been in such a funk lately that just completing them was tough. But anyway, they’re finished now (yay!) and will be listed for sale this Friday, the 27th. (unless something dumb happens or I get called into work, ugh)
I still need to take proper sales pictures, but here’s a preview of sorts.



Four saddle pads have the tan “fleece” lining…
Preview1_04(the orange isn’t as quite eye-burning-bright in person)

…and four have a black fleece lining, with wear leathers to match:

I’ve also managed to put three more saddlebag sets together, in blue, hot pink and hunter green:
These will come with miniatures as usual, I just failed to get a picture of all the pieces. 🙂

So yes! Here’s the link to my shop. I will not be doing any holds or pre-sales as I’d like to give all interested a fair chance. 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out the best way to announce/list sales items, so any feedback would be appreciated. Please bear with me, I’m trying! XD

Also, bonus photo! I was supposed to be taking other pictures last night but then this happened:

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While I don’t particularly like posting sales-related stuff on my blog, this one’s a bit important so please bear with me.

First off, I’ve opened up an Etsy shop.


Right now it’s stocked with some saddle pads and a couple halters… and hopefully I’ll have more things to add to it as time goes on.

I’ve been a mix of excited and terrified and frustrated for a number of different reasons. Not many hobbyists have wandered over to sell on Etsy, and I know hobby-traffic is pretty non-existent over there, so I have no idea what will come of this. Only time will tell… so… we’ll see.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, or if you think any of my info needs to be clarified.

Also, with the opening of this shop comes the closing of my books for custom orders. (I’ve never thought of myself having “books” so that feels weird to say, haha)
This does NOT affect previously-agreed-upon orders that are currently in the works… just any new inquiries.

There are multiple reasons why I’m not going to be taking on any more right now, but I’d rather not go into details. I’d bore you all. (if I’m not already, ha!) If this etsy-thing works out ok, I might give requested orders a go, but like I said, we’ll see. 🙂

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