Hogwarts Inspired Saddle Pads

I love combining my nerdy interests. This set was one of those things I’ve had in mind for the past year or so, but didn’t make happen until now.


If Hogwarts had horses… would they use a Hogwarts-themed pad for their saddles?


Or would each house…


…get their own color?

Ravenclaw was spoiled and got two versions. One is Bronze/Blue like in the books, and the other, Navy/Grey, is from the movies.


If anything this was a good chance for me to work out some final things with sewing English saddle pads. I’ve gotten a lot more confident with sewing them and each one gets a little better.

I had to compare it to where I was at with saddle pads early last year:


Yay progress!!

Also, to answer some questions…

Yes, they will be orderable on Etsy individually or as a full set for a discounted price. Plain English pads will follow as well, made to order like my western pads. They will not be available till June at the earliest – I will post an update on DS Sales and Facebook beforehand though. πŸ™‚


I have ideas for more of course… it’s not like I really need a hundred saddle pads but yeahhh…

8 thoughts on “Hogwarts Inspired Saddle Pads

  1. I absolutely love these! My giddy little Hufflepuff heart is so happy to see something in those colours as nobody ever thinks of the badgers! XD
    I really like the saddle and pad combo in the last pic – it really reminds me of the Gryffindor Quidditch gear!


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