Harry Potter Costume… for horses!

I’ve been pretty strict about not accepting any custom orders, but I did make an exception before Christmas. I was asked to make a Harry Potter costume for a horse, much like these here. I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd and since this set was for a Christmas gift, I was excited to get to work.

In the end we went with a design that could be worn with a saddle and bridle. Keri Parker of Keri’s Custom Dolls made a beautiful little Hermione doll to go with it, along with her wand. I also put together a miniature copy of the first Harry Potter book.

Here’s the completed set!




The horse costume is basically a blanket with a couple slots cut in the sides for stirrups. It also has a faux “hood” and a removable Gryffindor scarf.



Couldn’t forget the tie and patch 😉



The glasses were made to hook on to a bridle or halter:


Here’s a closer look at Keri’s doll. I made the black robe to fit her- everything else was created by Keri. 🙂


She’s so stinking cute XD






All in all this was such a fun set to work on! 😀


10 thoughts on “Harry Potter Costume… for horses!

  1. I love them! Actually I was planning Harry Potter-miniatures and after I saw this my inspiration has been veery high 😉

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