Breyerfest on the Brain

Printables are available for personal, non-commercial use only please! They are for fun – I do not make any money from these and will remove them if necessary or requested. 🙂


Breyerfest is right around the corner! Who is going to be there this weekend? I won’t be, so I’m coping with it by being weird again. I am looking forward to seeing pictures though, so remember to bring your camera with you!


And don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen. (and water, drink lots and lots of water)

BFglassesMake sure you don’t leave anything important behind…


Especially the ponies!! (if you’re showing, anyway)


I shrunk the Breyerfest program down again this year, and since I put a silly amount of effort into it I’ve decided to upload it.


Download: Mini Breyerfest Program

(If you can, print this at “Actual Size” and not “Fit to Page.”)
To get out of double sided printing, I had to come up with another way to put it together. One way to do this would be to fold it like an accordion:


Then glue the back cover to the last page, blank side to blank side:


You can push the pages into place, adding glue where necessary.


The folds can be cut or left as is:


Another way to put it together would be to cut out the spreads separately:


Then fold and glue into place:


The image has bleeds and trim marks, because 1: I am kind of obsessive about this stuff, and 2: I can’t cut a long straight line with scissors. You can choose to ignore the marks if you don’t care. XD But if you’d like, take a ruler (metal works best) and line it up with the trim marks. Use an exacto blade to slice from mark to mark. (ONLY from mark to mark- to prevent cutting the others off) You’re basically cutting a rectangle out of the paper, and if all goes well you’ll have a teeny program without any annoying white edges! (YAY!)

BFprogram01So yes… if you’re headed to Kentucky this week have FUN!

6 thoughts on “Breyerfest on the Brain

  1. I am!!!😄its my third year going and I am literally bouncing off the walls because I’m leaving on my big road trip on the 9th at 8:00 and its 6:30!😝i just couldn’t sleep any longer, I just couldn’t!😜

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