Printable Signs

Printables are available for personal, non-commercial use only please! They are for fun – I do not make any money from these and will remove them if necessary or requested. 🙂


Making stuff for model horses is a fabulous way to procrastinate. I really should be doing other things right now, (like homework and laundry, for example) but wanted to stop and share these with you all.

First, stall cards. A barn I rode at a few times had these tacked to every stall door. I made them into miniatures, with space for the name of the horse, the owner’s name and number, the vet, and so on and so forth. I didn’t over complicate them with feeding schedules and all sorts of other things, because they’re TINY and filling in the existing blanks is tough enough.

I couldn’t choose which I liked best so you get three:


These are about 3/4  in long and 1/2 in high when printed. I “laminated” mine with a couple pieces of packing tape, then gave it a construction paper border.

I was thinking about other signs you would see around a barn or stableyard, and ended up with some horse crossing signs. Again, I couldn’t decide which I liked best so you get six to choose from:

Horse Xing SignsI turned this file into a PDF, for ease of printing. Each side measures 1 1/2 in, and the color is much more road-sign-yellow when printed.


I guess I ought to quit playing around and get other things done now.

12 thoughts on “Printable Signs

  1. I would love to see one of the equine liability signs or ride at your own risk signs!!! Thanks for making all these printable available to everyone. They are just so creative and cute!


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